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Terms and Conditions
  • “Website”, “Platform”, “We”, “Bruwrite Websites”, or “Our” applies to all the Bruwrite websites and subdomains in it. “You”, “User”, “Your”, “Customer”, “Clients”, “Users” and “Students” refers to the individuals who are using the services or a person. 

We at Bruwrite are committed to providing educational services to students who are in need. We strongly believe that academic integrity is a vital part of the learning curve and we will strive hard to protect it.  Our service majorly focuses on providing assistance to the students or clients in need and it is not to replace the knowledge. We strive hard to provide educational and learning support in the online medium throughout the day. We help the students to resolve the questions that they find it difficult and challenging for them. We use tools like anti-plagiarism tools, scholarly articles, and other proofreading tools to deliver the best content possible to our students. 


Terms of Use 

Our services include:

 Homework help services 

  •  Writing Services 

The services provided should be used only for educational purposes as a supporting aid and as an assistance to understand the learning material.  The assistance provided by Bruwrite can be used solely for study purposes and not as a solution or answer. The assistance that is provided cannot be used for cheating or fraudulent behavior, like submitting the solution as your own or any of your classmates. The service provided cannot be used to submit any tests or homework. The service cannot be used as the original student work of the student for grades and credit purposes. Violation of the university, school academic and instructors’ instructions will not be entertained. If found of pursuing any of the above-mentioned behavior, action will be taken on the individual. Bruwrite has the right to terminate the individual account on the website and the materials will also be removed.  We will always make sure that the necessary action is taken to maintain the honor and integrity of the community and the platform. 

Please note, by clicking “I Accept” or by using the services, you agree to the terms of use, policies, additional terms, and conditions that include revision policy, refund policy, cancellation policy, Privacy policy, and cookie policy. 



Bruwrite provides two services that are associated with homework help and writing services and they are designed to support the users in supporting academic excellence. You agree that you will not hold more than one Bruwrite account and not share the account with any others. All the personal details and information that are entered should be authentic and may not impersonate any other person. The confidentiality of the password solely remains your responsibility. You may not disclose the account and password to any other user at any time. You agree to notify Bruwrite if you suspect any other unauthorized use of your account. We reserve the right to terminate your account, the whole, or any part of your service at any time. 



By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you agree to the subscription of the email notification, updates, promotional offers, and coupon codes via email.