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How to ethically embrace ChatGPT as a student? 


If you haven’t given ChatGPT a spin by now, it is time you do. It is the virtual wonder of the world – the pyramids of the age of the internet. Unlike the pyramids it’s not shrouded in mystery, in fact, it has all the answers! Why then, are many educational institutions restricting its use? Let’s discuss it all here. 

➡️ Content Creation Aid

ChatGPT can assist you in writing, creating presentations, giving answers to complex questions, image generation, and text of any kind, given it has the right prompts. The advantage this feature exerts is to direct the user’s focus on creating ideas rather than creating the content. This allows you to spend more time generating and sharpening your ideas. If you have difficulty articulating ideas and putting them into words, ChatGPT is at your fingertips!

➡️ Problem Solving Assistant

Be it math, physics, or any assignment, ChatGPT can solve it for you. It has already drummed up a reputation for cracking several state and national government exams. Quick resolutions to your problems will allow you to finish tasks, assignments, and homework quicker than usual. Another problem-solving advantage is that ChatGPT offers multiple resolutions. The “regenerate” option will generate multiple answers to a single question and you can choose whatever best fits you. 

➡️ Debate Partner

Another interesting attribute is how effective a conversational partner ChatGPT is. You can engage in a Socratic dialogue, a debate, and a discussion, an effective tool to practice and sharpen your debating skills and cognitive process. 

The benefits of ChatGPT are as clear as day. If you’re wondering how to use ChatGPT, read on. 


 How to Use ChatGPT?

The best thing about ChatGPT is how user-friendly it is which makes it really convenient for students. Less time spent figuring out how it works! The important aspect of working with ChatGPT is the prompts you provide to get your desired result. Here are a few things you can keep in mind while you give instructions to ChatGPT:

1️⃣ Pick a Persona

You can ask ChatGPT to pretend to be someone to get perspectives from a different view. It will then give you the answer to your question in a way that person would. Remember to describe in a few sentences the attributes of the character you want ChatGPT to be. 


☑️ You are an English professor specialized in language teaching… 

☑️ You are interviewing Roger Federer for Sports Magazine… 

☑️ You are a Bachelor’s graduate in Management Studies…

2️⃣ Reveal your Intention 

Often you might assign a task to ChatGPT and not get the desired result. If you’re wondering why, it’sits because the task was assigned without revealing your intention for the task. You should describe the attributes and values of the character doing the task along with the intention. This will help focus the answer to what you need. 


☑️ You are a new sports interviewer focusing on mental health interviewing Roger Federer for Sports Magazine… 

☑️ You are a Bachelor’s graduate in Management Studies who want to write an academic essay for a journal on the topic “Management Styles in Education”

3️⃣ Give Orders

Do not shy away from giving orders to your virtual assistant, ChatGPT. In fact you will receive better results when you give orders! If you are doing an elaborate task that contains multiple steps, give orders step by step to ChatGPT. State your complete task in the beginning and then proceed to give step-by-step instructions. 


☑️ As the President of the Students Event Planning Committee, I want to plan a 3-day cultural dance programme. After each step, I’ll tell you if it works or not. 

4️⃣ Describe limitations

You should also mention word limit, your target audience, formatting requirements, and style of language while giving instructions among others. 


☑️ Write a 1000-word academic article aimed at publishing in a journal with a title and 5 subheadings. 


🎯 Things to be Aware of while using ChatGPT

☑️ ChatGPT has been found to be biased towards certain dominant cultures because of the information it has available on the World Wide Web. Keep this in mind while you ask questions. If you doubt the source and correctness of any information, you must verify it before using it. If you think some information is biased or not diverse enough, give specific instructions to get those desired answers. You should also use books and other databases to verify information you may get from ChatGPT. 

☑️ As ChatGPT keeps getting advanced at a very rapid pace, you find that it can do everything. However, you must not rely on ChatGPT for everything. This may affect the functioning of your intellect and various skills such as problem-solving and the generation of ideas. 

☑️ One of the foremost concerns of ChatGPT usage is plagiarism. A lot of higher education institutes have restricted ChatGPT for this reason. There are multiple AI detection software that you can run content through to detect AI plagiarism. The integrity of your content falls on your shoulders. Usage of ChatGPT must be limited to comprehension of content, rather than that generating it. However, it cannot be ignored either. If you use ChatGPT, you can follow this article to use it the right way. 

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